A true Spanish classic dish updated at aqua nueva

Pulpo a la Gallega con su empanada at aqua nueva

It’s the hallmark of aqua nueva chef Alberto Hernandez’s cuisine that he takes some of Spain’s most famous traditional dishes and reinvents them from a modern but highly respectful angle. Drawing on his years of experience at leading restaurants including world-renowned el Bulli, Alberto creates dishes which, while recognisable as the classics that inspire them, surprise and delight with their flavours, textures and technique.

A perfect example of this is Alberto’s Pulpo a la Gallega con su empanada. This is in fact a marriage of two dishes typical of GaliciaGallega - the largely coastal region in the far north-west of Spain; pulpo a la Gallega, or Galician-style octopus, and empanada Gallega, a savoury open-sided pastry.
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