aqua kyoto’s Paul Greening at Grand Designs Live

On Sunday 3rd May, aqua kyoto’s head chef Paul Greening and his sous chef Ken Miyake took to the stage at popular annual lifestyle event Grand Designs, to demonstrate live how they make one of our most popular dishes – Suckling pork belly with unagi, wakame and Japanese root vegetables.

Twice during the day, Paul and Ken delighted large audiences of eager visitors with their skills, demonstrating the discipline that goes into preparing Japanese food – from using only the very finest produce, as explained by Paul in this video, to the cooking and presentation of the final dish.

Paul explained that a kitchen run, as his is, in the Japanese tradition is calm and contemplative, as opposed to the frenetic pace of a European kitchen. He certainly proved his point with his methodical and elegant preparation of the final dish, albeit all the while entertaining the audience with his passion and humour!

To try Paul’s Suckling pork belly dish, and his many other innovative Japanese creations, for yourself, please visit the About Us page to to book a table.