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The new aqua nueva unveiled!

Welcome to the official blog of aqua london. Here you’ll find all the latest news from our Japanese restaurant aqua Kyoto, our Spanish restaurant aqua nueva (recently reopened after a stunning refurbishment and with an exciting new menu) and our ever-popular cocktail bar aqua spirit, complete with stunning roof terraces, all found on one level high above London’s famous Regent Street.

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Cava and its Catalan history

Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer

This week is Cava Week is Spain, therefore we have delved into the history of this traditional Spanish wine. The history of Cava may not be as long as Champagne, but most don’t realise that it is linked to a region of Spain, like the sparkling French wine.

Cava is technically a sparkling wine from Catalonia, and you can recognise all ‘true’ Cavas from the four-pointed star printed at the base of its cork. About 5% of Cava comes from outside of Catalonia.

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Celebrating seafood and the Galicians


aqua nueva’s Head Chef Yahir trained in Galicia, a part of Spain famed for its excellent cuisine. Situated on the coast, Galician’s are naturally seafood enthusiasts. Much of their traditional dishes showcase the wonderful produce that their region provides.

Autumn is the time of year that the Galician’s celebrate the sea and its produce with various festivals, therefore at aqua nueva we feel we should do the same!

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Spotlight on: olive oil

Tuna and tomoto

Olive oil has become such a standard part of many kitchens in the UK, but there is still a lot to learn about this ingredient!

Head Chef Yahir chooses his olive oil quite carefully, and for a new autumn dish he’s chosen a particular one to bring out autumnal flavours.

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Spotlight on: Hokkaido pumpkins

Potimarron Squash

Aqua kyoto’s Executive chef Paul Greening is featuring a pumpkin dessert on our special Autumn menu. This dessert is a very traditional Japanese dish called chawanmushi.

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Croquetas Challenge 2016: we won!


It was a hot and humid evening on Tuesday 6 September, but that did not deter the 14 restaurants and 60 guests who had all gathered to sample and judge the dozen, uniquely delicious fried morsels. We were incredibly excited to win with Head Chef Yahir Gonzalez’s black seafood with alioli croquetas!

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Hanging Gardens of Kyoto

Full terrace

This transitional period from Summer to Autumn is a wonderful time, the weather can still be lovely and the new produce on offer make for exciting menus and cocktail ingredients.

To capture the last of the sunshine, in hope for an Indian summer and also to celebrate this season’s change we have launched our Hanging Gardens of Kyoto.

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Champagne on a roof garden

LOWRES - VC-AquaNueva--®EdBlomfield-2749 This summer we have collaborated with Veuve Clicquot at aqua nueva and built a gorgeous roof top terrace garden – our #RichRoofGarden. This garden is in celebration of the new RICH ROSÉ Champagne by Veuve Clicquot, to go along with their RICH Champagne which launched last year. Both RICH Champagnes are designed to be served over ice, with a twist, such as lime, ginger, pineapple or Earl Grey Tea with the RICH ROSÉ; and grapefruit, pineapple, cucumber, peppers or Earl Grey Tea with the RICH. Read more +

Meet the team – Yahir Gonzalez

LOW RES Yahir Gonzalez 2

For our latest Meet the Team feature we spoke to our new Head chef at aqua nueva, Yahir Gonzalez. Originally from Mexico, Yahir trained in Spain and moved to London to open aqua nueva as sous chef.

Why did you decide to become a chef?

I always loved food – my first question when coming from school, at a very young age was ‘what’s for lunch/dinner?’. Food is such a big part of the Mexican culture I grew up in, we always sat down as a family to eat. Even if you weren’t going to be home, your place would still be set at the table! Because of all of this, I felt becoming a chef was the natural choice!

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Foraging with Exec chef Paul Greening

LR-aqua kyoto sumiyaki ostrich fillet, lacto wild garlic leaves, wild herb misoOur Executive chef at aqua kyoto, Paul Greening, has been working with the foraging company Forager, for years. He has built up a relationship with Myles and Ross, and worked with them in developing, experimenting, exploring and re-defining the produce they find.

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Fish to Dish: salmon bento at aqua kyoto

AK16-2F. aqua kyoto bento box (LowRes)

In celebration of Marine Day we thought it would be an ideal time to catch up with the aqua kyoto kitchen and see how they prepare their fish.

Marine Day, also known as Sea Day or Ocean Day, is a national holiday in Japan that marks the importance of the sea and to give thanks for the produce it gives to the Japanese people. As an island country, the Japanese have a respect for the ocean.

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