Great new lunch menus at aqua nueva & aqua kyoto

Posted on January 20, 2014

Datterini tomato, edamame & seaweed slad

January can be a lean month as New Year’s resolutions to eat healthily and the financial pinch post-Christmas force us to miss out on so many of the things we enjoy. But we might just have come up with the perfect solution in the form of new, great-value set lunch menus in both aqua nueva and aqua kyoto!

Both priced at £25 for three courses and including a drink (a glass of Cava in nueva and a Japanese Velvet cocktail in kyoto) the lunch menus also include some great healthy choices such as this beautiful tomato and edamame salad in aqua kyoto. Main courses might include, in aqua nueva, Alberto Hernandez’s delicious Pescado del dia a la Gallega – Galician style fish of the day.

Booking is required for these menus and can be done in seconds online for both aqua kyotoand aqua nueva. Make treating yourself the New Year’s resolution you keep!

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