If you like Green Tea Colada…

Posted on April 23, 2015

Green Tea Colada at aqua spirit

Reimagining classic cocktails with contemporary ingredients and influences is one of the hallmarks of our bars manager Luca’s style. And few drinks demonstrate it better than his already-extremely-popular new Green Tea Colada, from aqua spirit‘s ‘Inspired by Japan’ selection.

While coconut and pineapple, both ingredients in the classic Piña Colada, do appear in this new version, the usual white rum is replaced with Tanqueray 10 gin to create a fresher, less sweet base.  The star ingredient is matcha green tea powder. A powerful antioxidant believed to have many health benefits, matcha gives the drink a refreshing astringency, balanced by a dash of Crème de Cacao.

These ingredients are shaken with egg white to create a finished drink that is smooth, sippable and supremely summery, perfect for enjoying on the terrace now that warmer weather seems to be on its way!