Inspired new cocktails

Posted on January 30, 2015

Recently we introduced our new bar manager Luca Missaglia and in our Q&A with him he revealed that there would be new cocktails on the list inspired by Japan for aqua spirit and aqua kyoto and by Spain for aqua nueva. This week we spent some time with Luca tasting the Inspired by Japan section (yes, it’s a tough job…!) and we think guests are going to be delighted with his new creations.

The seven-strong list includes something to suit all tastes. If you enjoy your cocktails short and strong, you’ll love the Fuji Crusta – Belvedere vodka, pear puree and liqueur and lime, served in glass garnished with black and white sesame seeds to resemble the snowy peak of Mount Fuji.

Or for an unusual twist on a much-loved classic, there’s Luca’s Green Tea Colada combining Tanqueray 10, Coco Lopez, crème de cacao, egg white, pineapple and matcha green tea powder to create a drink that evokes a Piña Colada but with a dryness and sophistication all of its own.

The drink we think will be most talked about though is The Last Samurai, Tanqueray 10, lemon juice, Cocchi Americano, crème de cacao and cherry juice, served in a beautiful porcelain samurai and drunk through a straw in his belly! Don’t think though that the whimsical presentation means that this isn’t a serious cocktail; it’s a complex, layered blend of flavours which starts sharp on the tongue before the sweetness of the cacao comes through.

These and the other drinks on Luca’s Inspired by Japan list have to be tried, and we hope we’ll see you in aqua spirit soon to try them. Luca loves getting to know our guests so if you see him be sure to say konichi-wa!