New summer menu at aqua kyoto

Posted on July 24, 2014

Summer is always an exciting time at aqua kyoto as we open up the terrace and welcome the sunshine. This summer however is even more special for us, as our chef Paul Greening has added a host of delicious new dishes to the menu!

One innovation that we think will be particularly popular is the introduction of a number of smaller dishes, substantial enough to serve either as an individual starter or for the table to share. Proving hugely popular already are grilled boneless chicken wings with ginger lime miso, a tangy, moreish dipping sauce which perfectly complements the moist, smoky meat.

From the centrepiece sumibiyaki grill come suckling pork yakitori with nashi pear miso, skewers of plump cubes of the tenderest pork seared over fiery charcoal. Served by the piece we defy anyone to stop at just one!

Last but not least, Paul has created the most delicate Wagyu beef gyoza, hand-made parcels of this prized beef topped with tiny, intricate ponzu pearls and served with an umami-rich onion miso. Each is almost a work of art – we would even say too beautiful to eat, but that is exactly what we encourage you to do, not that we think encouragement will be needed.

Each of these new dishes is priced at just £6.50 (per skewer for the suckling pork) making it more than likely that rather than having to decide which one to order, you can treat yourself and order them all. We hope that you enjoy our new small dishes as much as Paul has enjoyed creating them!